Toys to help baby grow and learn

When a new baby comes into the world it seems unthinkable that this little precious creature will soon be smiling, walking and talking. This does happen sooner than we think, as babies grow and develop at such an incredible speed. There is lots we can do to help them have the best possible start in life.

The best way babies learn is though play. You’ll be astounded at how much brain power they build in the early years. One of the best gift to get for a baby shower, welcoming the new baby or for a christening is a nice simple, good quality baby toy.
We have put together a quick guide to the appropriate toys to get.

1. Bright-coloured toys of many textures are ideal gift. They should be washable, non-breakable, and have no sharp edges. Toys should be large enough so they cannot be swallowed and have no small attached pieces that could be pulled off and swallowed.

2. Babies love putting everything they find into their mouths as part of exploring their worlds. Babies are interested in looking at toys, touching them with their hands and mouth, fitting pieces of things together and making sense of their worlds. Choose toys for them to look at, feel, chew on, hold, and drop. As babies begin to move around more, this is when the fun really begins! At this stage babies are curious and will be interested in toys that move as well.

3. Appropriate gifts for baby include: rattles, teething rings, stuffed animals, squeaking toys, push-pull toys, books with rhymes, simple picture books, noise making toys, small soft toys for throwing, stacking rings and music-making toys.