Tips for Parenting

Being a new parent is an exciting time but yet at the same time it’s a period of great adjustment, goodbye to blissful existence and hello to sleep deprivation.  I have been there and to help you I have put together some tips  to give you confidence on caring for your newborn baby in the first weeks.

Breastfeeding isn’t for everyone

Breastfeeding is wonderful, but it doesn’t necessarily come naturally to everyone.  I have tried to breastfeed my baby but it didn’t work out for me.  As a first time mum, knowing how to breast feed can seem daunting. The NHS provide comprehensive support on all you need to know on breastfeeding.  If you would prefer to attend courses, the NCT have a list of antenatal courses that are available in your area.  Do remember that breastfeeding isn’t for everyone but you should give it a try and remember if it didn’t work for you don’t worry.

Make sure you rest

Get as much rest as you can before the baby arrive as sleep will become rare once the baby appears on the scene.

Draft in family and friends for help

Parenting a newborn can feel overwhelming when it’s just the two of you. Say yes to all offers of help and also don’t be afraid to ask for help. Try and have people popping in most days after the birth to help with chores such as housework, shopping, cooking and other practicalities. Even someone popping in to hold your little one can give you some me time which is precious and invaluable. Breastfeeding is hugely time consuming at the start, your partner will probably be exhausted with having to do most of the chores so having extra help on hand will be priceless.

Take time out together

Be aware of each other’s needs and give yourselves time-out. That may not mean leaving the house, but a long hot bath or have some quality time together such as an hour or two watching the TV uninterrupted can do wonders to both of you.